Alaska: AHEA – Advocating for Less Regulation of Statewide Correspondence Schools

Lynn over at Homeschool 2.0 has been following this in her state. One might make an assumption that a charter school founder might be in league with the Alaska Home Educator’s Alliance in advocating for less regulation for Alaska’s statewide correspondence schools; however, that’s not the case. Lynn states that AHEA does not speak for her.

Statewide Correspondence Schools Take Money Away from Students
October 10, 2007

AHEA advocates that the money should ‘follow the child.’ In other words, they should be able to spend the allotments the same way in-district programs are able. This is an incredible argument. They should be hollering at their SWC’s that the money should go to the child as the legislature has designated it. Why should a SWC be granted more freedom when they are clearly not serving the best interests of their students?

Make no mistake, this will draw attention from legislators because the dollars they grant are not being spent as intended. That is, about $6.7 million. Their reflex will be to cut the funding to correspondence schools from 80% to maybe 65% or 40%. No charter school can be started on funding that low and very few SWC’s can operate on that funding. Effectively, the homeschooling programs will be gone, over, no more. Hello, Alyeska Central School and its limited options which operated at 65% for many, many years.

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